6 Practical Tips for a Contactless Workplace

6 Practical Tips for a Contactless Workplace

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As businesses open and employees trickle back to the workplace, it is essential that business owners maintain a safe work environment. While returning to work may restore a sense of normalcy, it’s important to assume things won’t be the same as they were before the announcement of the global pandemic. 

Businesses should follow CDC workplace guidelines to reduce the chances of exposure events within their establishments. In addition to social distancing and good hygiene, implementing a contactless employee check in process is part of creating a safe and healthy environment. 

Tips for a Post-COVID-19 Contactless Workplace

As strange as it may be to avoid colleague handshakes and coworker high fives, a contactless environment can drastically reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Here are 6 tips to creating a contactless workplace to keep employees and visitors safe:

Hold Virtual Meetings

Opt for video conferencing over face-to-face meetings. Conference rooms were not designed with social distancing in mind. Holding meetings now involves being at your sanitized desk or office communicating online with people who may be in the same building. 

Redesign the Office Layout

Arrange office desks so they are at least 6 feet away from each other. If your company has the means, install plexiglass windows or barricades to provide a physical barrier between workers. If this isn’t possible, consider implementing a partial work-from-home structure so there is enough space between each employee on a daily basis.

Manage Common Areas

Reduce the number of people in common areas by establishing a maximum occupancy or using social distancing markers. Density tracking and management is critical to reduce the risks of an exposure event occurring in your business. 

Provide Personal Equipment

Ensure each worker has their own tools or equipment to minimize the sharing of common workplace items. Communal pens, pads of paper, and other office supplies are easy vectors for contamination. Invest in disposable products for cleaning, hygiene, and eating utensils to reduce the risk of transmission. Additionally, personal protective equipment like masks, gloves and sanitizing wipes can also add an additional layer of protection to your workplace. 

Schedule Accordingly

If your business requires in-person meetings, leave appropriate time-gaps between appointments to limit physical interactions. 

Manage Visitor Access

Manage employee check in and control access with workplace management tools, like CheckdIn, which provide businesses with a contactless solution to comply with CDC workplace guidelines for COVID-19 control and prevention. CheckdIn’s employee check-In, health screening, and visitor management platform captures all the information you need to seamlessly allow people into your workplace. Real time symptom screening, pre-entry health screening, density tracking and incident reporting are valuable features that help you control exposure events and reduce contamination in your workplace. 

Ready to safely reopen your workplace? Find out more about CheckdIn’s comprehensive suite of staff, visitor, and contractor management solutions or schedule a demo to see how CheckdIn can help you.